Barcelona newborn photography

Your baby is unique. Your newborn photos should be, too.

Newborn photography focuses on treating babies with the utmost respect. It also provides an ideal opportunity for you to take a break from postpartum life and enjoy a special and intimate moment. If you’re looking for natural photos of your baby, I am the perfect photographer for you. How would you like to capture memories of your baby’s first few days in pictures?

Newborn photography in Barcelona
Newborn photography in Barcelona
barcelona newborn photographer

Natural Newborn Photography

I have been specializing in newborn photography for 13 years, and my passion for it continues to grow. I am fascinated by the opportunity to observe babies and connect with them on a profound level. Newborns are, in many ways, unpredictable, and it is not uncommon for there to be times when they are uncomfortable, hungry or unhappy. Each baby is unique, and as a newborn photographer, I adapt and improvise to capture their true essence. I avoid forced poses and excessive use of props, aiming to showcase your baby as they are and preserve authentic moments..

During the photo shoot, I prioritize the natural bond between you and your baby. I encourage you to hold and caress your baby, showering them with love and kisses while enjoying this precious time together. While the focus is on the baby, I believe it’s important to capture the emotional and physical intensity shared between a mother and child. Let me be clear: you should be in the picture. Forget about unrealistic beauty standards; my goal is to capture the emotional and physical intensity of this fleeting moment, showcasing the connection and bond between mother and child.

Candid, natural newborn photography. Photos that nearly freeze time.

Newborn Photos in the Studio

For newborn sessions, I work in my natural light studio located in the heart of Barcelona. I understand that leaving the house with a newborn can be challenging, but a photoshoot is no different than any other outing you might take during those first few weeks of parenthood.

When you arrive at my studio, I will do everything possible to make you feel at home. There is a sofa, a breastfeeding cushion, and even a bed. You can take off your shoes, take off your clothes and feel comfortable, you do not come to appear anything but to enjoy an experience. These types of photos are recommended within the first 15 days of your baby’s life.

Newborn Photos at Home

I also offer photo shoots at your home within the metropolitan area of Barcelona. The resulting pictures will have a more documentary style. I will neither pose nor touch your baby. It’s about capturing the real you, without the “newborn” label. These sessions can be arranged even if your baby is no longer considered a newborn, as there’s no strict deadline. That’s why I prefer to call them postpartum sessions. Feel free to explore some examples on my website.

If you fear your home will not rise to the challenge, there is nothing to worry about. All we need is a cozy space and a window with natural light. We can capture photos on your bed, sofa, or while you’re breastfeeding in your favorite armchair. It’s your space, your home, your light. And your privacy. Contact me to learn more about scheduling an at-home session.

Big sister and baby photo

The Importance of a Newborn Photo Shoot

You may really want to do it, but you can’t seem to make up your mind. Pictures of newborn babies are very cute, but… will you really be in the mood to visit a photographer after giving birth? What if your baby cries during the session? What if the experience feels more like a burden instead of a pleasure? Is it really worth doing a newborn photo shoot? The answer is a resounding yes. Why? Because it is a unique and fleeting moment, and newborns change very fast. Because this is a unique and fleeting moment, and newborns change rapidly. Their transformations happen at an astonishing pace, and within a few days, they are no longer “new” born, losing the distinct characteristics they had during their initial contact with you, such as silky skin, delicate nails, a flawless complexion, soft and fine hair, and naturally curled posture.

You might think, “I can take pictures myself,” but where will you be in those photos? Hiring a professional photographer is also a gift to yourself, allowing you to fully embrace and experience the moment with all your senses.

Preparing for Your Newborn Session

Being proactive and booking during your pregnancy is crucial for newborn sessions. The window of time to capture these photos is narrow. Ideally, the session should take place within the first 15 days of your baby’s life and before they reach three weeks of age to avoid coinciding with the first breastfeeding challenges. After three weeks, babies are typically more alert and connected to the world, often developing acne on their faces. That’s why I recommend contacting me as soon as possible to discuss your expectations, desires, and the specific elements you’d like to portray. Are you a first-time parent or do you already have other children? Are you seeking more artistic or documentary-style photos? Provide me with some context, introduce yourself, and share a bit about your life. I will help you choose the best proposal and guide you through the booking process.

Once your baby is born, simply notify me via WhatsApp, and we’ll schedule your newborn photo session.

What to Expect During the Session

In my opinion, what truly matters in newborn photos is the ability to transport you back to the magical first days when you revisit them. That’s why I really love to take a lot of pictures of tiny details, like flaky skin, toes, lips, fingers or eyelashes.

Of course, the photos should also reflect the bond between you and your baby: the first touches, the cherished caresses. To achieve this, your arms are a thousand times better than a basket adorned with flowers. I encourage you to take advantage of the newborn photo session for skin-to-skin contact and to discover, with your hands and eyes, the details that may have gone unnoticed amidst the daily chores.

My photography style is natural, casual, and unobtrusive. Rather than giving a lot of direction, I prefer to observe and capture the beauty that naturally unfolds. Occasionally, I may offer suggestions to achieve a specific type of image, but otherwise, I want you to feel free to be yourselves and enjoy the experience. Your baby will set the pace of the session, allowing for breaks for feeding, diaper changes, and plenty of cuddles and comfort.


I understand that waiting for the photos can feel like an eternity, especially when your newborn is changing so rapidly It typically takes around three weeks to receive the final results of your photo shoot. You will receive a link to a private online gallery where you can comfortably view the photos from the comfort of your home, with your baby in your arms. All of my packages include digital format photographs that you can download instantly. Additionally, I can offer printed photos, wooden enlargements, or customized albums. When you visit the studio, I can showcase the various finishes available, allowing you to see, touch, and experience them firsthand. And if you’re curious about pricing, you can find the rates for newborn photography below.

Newborn Photo Session Pricing

Package 1 - Studio


2-hour studio session

15 digital format photos (your selection)

Option to purchase the complete gallery

Package 2 - Studio


2-hour studio session

All photos as digital files

One 20×30 cm wood print with your favorite picture

Package 3 - Studio


2-hour studio session

All photos as digital files

A 20x20cm handcrafted and customized album

Package 1 - At home


1-hour session at home

15 digital format photos (your selection)

Option to purchase the complete gallery

Package 2 - At home


1-hour session at home

All photos as digital files

One 20×30 cm wood print with your favorite picture

Package 3 - At home


1-hour session at home

All photos as digital files

A 20x20cm handcrafted and customized album

Alternative Photo Sessions

Your baby may be over a month old by the time you read this, or perhaps they were born prematurely or have special needs. Maybe the idea of a newborn session where the baby is gently posed with a muslin wrap doesn’t align with what you envision for your photos. In that case, I suggest considering a family session, where your newborn is included, or a breastfeeding session that emphasizes skin-to-skin contact. Let’s discuss your preferences, and I’ll help you find a proposal that captures your heart.

Give the gift of a newborn photo session

A photo shoot can be a great gift if you have a pregnant friend, sister or partner. Not only do the resulting photos make for a great keepsake, but the experience itself is worth living and an opportunity to enjoy a calm morning that will be remembered for a lifetime. However, before gifting a session, it’s advisable to find out if the person would like the idea. There’s nothing worse than having to visit a photographer when you really don’t feel like it.

I can prepare an electronic gift voucher, and you’ll find that the whole process is very simple.

Frequently Asked Questions

Everything you always wanted to know and never dared to ask about a newborn photo session. Have lingering questions about your photo shoot? Don’t hesitate to reach out to me!

Does the baby have to be asleep for the photo session?

While it is true that most photos usually show the baby sleeping, it doesn’t always have to be that way. When newborn babies sleep, their face is relaxed and looks peaceful. On the other hand, when they are awake, they tend to make a lot of involuntary grimaces, but that is not bad news since funny faces can bring a touch of humor. In fact, a picture of the baby awake and relaxed can be incredibly powerful.

In order for the session to flow, we need to be calm. And for the baby to be calm, it is imperative that the parents (and the photographer) also remain calm. You can’t photograph a newborn in a hurry, and you can’t photograph them if they feel cold: the warmer the room temperature, the more comfortable and relaxed they are. That’s why it’s usually quite hot in my studio, and we spend half the morning taking pictures – without looking at the clock.

Don't the newborn sessions take too long?

Let’s be honest: a newborn session requires time. It’s not because we photographers are particularly slow, but because everything surrounding a newborn baby takes time. Rarely do parents arrive on time for an appointment, so a newborn session necessarily requires a very relaxed pace and atmosphere.

If you already have kids, you know what I’m talking about: the day stretches like chewing gum and you feel like you’re doing nothing as the hours fly by. A newborn session is no different, and follows the baby’s rhythm. This means that there will be breaks for feeding, diaper changes, calming down if the baby is very nervous… Sessions usually last an average of 2 to 3 hours, sometimes a little longer, depending on the type of images you want to capture of your baby.

Can the newborn session be done after 15 days of life?

No two babies are alike. Thus, for example, a premature baby development is different from a full-term baby, and photos can be taken later without further complication. Should something unexpected happen during your postpartum, there is always a chance to take pictures later. They may be slightly different from what you first imagined, but there is no deadline after which you should scrap the idea of a shoot. Never too late. In any case, your wellbeing always comes first.

Can adults or older siblings be in the photos?

Of course it is. Every baby is different, but I always welcome the whole family. We will talk in advance so that everything is ready when the time comes. And of course I expect you to be in the pictures, too!

What should I wear? Should I bring anything special to the photo shoot?

My style is minimalist and emotional. I don’t usually use any props except for fabrics, scarves and muslins in neutral colors (mostly light and dark). You don’t have to bring anything except for an open mindset and be ready to enjoy the experience. I do recommend that parents bring a spare T-shirt (for incidentals) and that you wear clothes in reduced or essential colors (white, black, gray… or pastel shades). Don’t worry, as soon as you book your session, you will receive detailed information by email. And, if you don’t know what to wear for your photo shoot, you can read my tips in this post..


La Victòria és la millor fotògrafa de Barcelona! Ja vaig estar amb ella pocs dies després de néixer el meu fill per fer un shooting amb una marca de roba, i va ser tot molt fàcil, ens va fer sentir molt còmodes i ens vam divertir molt! Ara el meu fill ja té vuit mesos, i una amiga em va regalar una altra sessió de fotos amb ella i el resultat és espectacular de nou! M'encanten totes les fotos! Guardaré sempre el record, moltíssimes gràcies! 🤗
Crec que la sessió de fotos ‘Entre tu i jo’ ès un dels formats més necessaris per les dones, perquè ens permet ser les protagonistes i mostrar qui som/com som. Tot i que no m’agrada gaire fer-me fotos, em vaig sentir molt còmoda durant la sessió; amb quatre indicacions de la Victòria, em vaig relaxar i tot va fluir molt naturalment. Estic molt satisfeta amb el resultat, perquè són fotos atípiques, on la Victòria i el seu ull extremadament sensible i creatiu, ha sabut capturar el que jo buscava: cos, pell, naturalitat, transformació, conexió…
Experiència súper recomanable. Parlo des de la perspectiva d’algú que sol ser qui fa les fotos perque se sent extremadament incòmoda a l’altra banda de la càmara. La Victòria fa que te n’oblidis, que tot transcorri de la manera més natural entre una conversa la mar de distesa… és màgia. Igual que ho és el resultat, i el record tangible d’aquell breu instant de la teva vida… Gràcies infinites
Hemos repetido sesión con Victòria y como siempre ha sido un placer. Es super cómodo hacerse fotos con ella ya que te lo pone super fácil. Y luego el resultado es amor puro!!
100% recomendable!!

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