I never wanted to get married and have kids.

Now I have 5 kids of my own and I photograph your kids as a living.

When I jumped head first into motherhood, about 15 years ago, I had no idea what was in store for me. We all start the journey with a backpack full of ideas and illusions, but without any experience. I never imagined that I would keep having babies and end up having a large family. Little did I know that the birth of my kids would make me unable to put my camera down and feel the urge to take pictures of absolutely everything, turning that obsession into my work. I now dare to say out loud (although reluctantly) that I am a photographer of newborn babies, kids and their families.

After all this time, if there is one thing that is clear to me is that the epic whirlwind of emotions surrounding motherhood must be captured in the most real and honest way possible: focusing on the little ones, but also honoring the adults as the cornerstone of the family puzzle. Including all the tears and laughing fits of pregnancy, the nuances and contradictions of postpartum, the blacks and whites of this wonderful journey. So you can look at the photos and see your family as they are.

Although I initially specialized as a newborn photographer in Barcelona, over time I have ended up photographing children of all ages and focusing on mothers. Photography has taken me to a TV set and the back cover of a newspaper, and I have also been lucky enough to educate colleagues by giving workshops on newborn photography. If you are curious, you can also read my interview on maternidades.es blog or my profile on ProntoPro.

My mission is to love the small things and make them big.

And, to achieve this, I need to see you and for you to see me, just as I am. I am sleep deprived and drink a lot of green tea (matcha rules!). I’m addicted to cheese and hate being late, but I’m rarely on time. I studied translation and interpreting, I love words and I can’t stand spelling mistakes (but I do make a handful of my own). Catalan is my mother tongue, although I speak English and German, and I understand some French.

I truly believe that photographs are able to bond us together and help us heal, and that is why, together with my partner Mireia Navarro, we created Associació Dits Petits, photographing babies in the neonatal ICU. I really enjoy watching and soaking in all the details, stories and experiences of the people that I get to know through photography.

No promises.

Shall we chat?

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Tel.: 637622983
Carrer de Sicília, 253, 6è, 2n,
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Victòria Peñafiel Fotografia

Carrer de Sicília, 253, 6è, 2n,
08025 Barcelona

Want to book a session with me?

Tell me what resonates with you, what you would like to capture from your journey through motherhood. I’m not aiming at taking pictures that look like a “postcard” version of you – I want to portray you as you are

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