Family photography

Your family is unique. Your photos should reflect that.

Preserving authentic moments through family photography can help you cherish memories that you’ll long for in the future: laughter, kisses, playfulness, and connection.

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Natural family photography in Barcelona

Tired of seeing overly staged family portraits with excessive props and heavily retouched skin that looks unrealistic? If you’re seeking a family photographer in Barcelona who captures your true essence in a genuine and natural way, you’ve come to the right place. I specialize in capturing relaxed, informal, and minimalist photographs..

Why dress up and pretend to be someone you’re not when you can showcase your authentic selves? When you look back at your photos, you’ll be delighted to see the small gestures and secret rituals that only you and your family members share. There’s no need for forced poses in my sessions. Instead, I’ll simply encourage you to play and interact naturally. The photos will capture a range of moments: tender hugs, spontaneous jumps, races, introspective games… Each image reflects the genuine development stage of each child. A photo session doesn’t have to be a dull experience; in fact, it can be dynamic and enjoyable. I adapt to the rhythm of YOUR family because every family is unique.

You can’t stop time. But you can treat yourself to photos with your family.

Family Photography in the Studio

My natural light studio, located in the heart of Barcelona, is the perfect setting for capturing precious moments of babies taking their first steps, as well as large families with older children. The space is neutral with light tones, allowing you to shine. With four basic furniture pieces serving as a stage, you can be yourselves, whether sitting, lying down, or jumping…

Family Photography at Home

In your own environment, not only will you be seen, but also your space, your belongings… everything that defines you in this significant moment of your life. Even if your house is small or not as brightly lit, it doesn’t take away from the photos. In fact, when you look back at these family pictures in the years to come, you will cherish the memories of the furniture, the house, the light, and how your lives have changed. Perhaps you would have moved to a new place, or your baby’s crib would have been replaced by a bed. Life is constantly evolving, and there’s no better way to capture the essence of change than by taking pictures in the familiar surroundings of your own home.

Why Have a Family Photo Shoot?

Watching your children grow up is an exciting journey. As a mother, you are a privileged spectator, but what seems normal today will soon be a fading memory. When did your baby start crawling, what was their first word? How did they laugh at that inside joke only the two of you share? Will you remember the way they look at you when they’re tired and in need of your embrace? Capturing these precious moments in photographs is truly worthwhile. However, if there’s one essential aspect of any family photo shoot, it’s that all family members should be present, including adults. After all, you are the center of their universe. Whether you have a large or single-parent family, whether you have children, stepchildren, or godchildren, you are a complete unit. If your children are young, you will carry them for a long time, and if they are older, they will enjoy playing with you like no other. And if they are teenagers… well, that’s another story. 🙂

Before your Session

To ensure everything flows smoothly when the day comes, it’s important to do some preparatory work. The more information you can provide about your family and your expectations for the photo shoot, the better. Are you a carefree, active family with energetic children? Do you have two shy little ones who take time to warm up? Is there something unique to your family that you would like to capture in the images? Give me some context, introduce yourselves, tell me about your lives. I will help you choose the best proposal and guide you through the booking process.

The key ingredient for successful photos is the desire to capture genuine moments and having an open mind about what might happen. It’s all about going with the flow. If you come prepared to play, cuddle, kiss, and tickle, we’re already halfway there.

What to Expect During the Session

My mission is to capture your family as they truly are, which is why I don’t believe in pre-planned scripts. Furthermore, working with children and babies requires adapting to their pace and managing expectations, so that the photos from your family session are a gift of spontaneity. Children don’t need scripts because their lives are their playtime.

However, that doesn’t mean you come to the photo shoot unprepared. Before our appointment, I’ll provide you with practical information and tips, addressing any concerns you may have, to ensure a smooth and enjoyable experience. You can simply tell your kids that you’re going to play at a friend’s house. Forget about “look at the camera,” “don’t move,” “smile,” or “take your finger out of your nose.” During the session, we will give them the space to warm up, relax, and show us all their different sides.


It will take about 3 weeks to see the result of your photo shoot, and you will receive a link to a private online gallery so you can enjoy it with your family. All my packs include photos in digital format that you can download instantly, but I can also offer you photos printed on paper, enlargements on wood or albums that we will customize for you. When you visit the studio, I can showcase the various finishes available, allowing you to see, touch, and experience them firsthand. If you have any concerns about pricing, please refer to the provided rates below.

How Much Does a Family Photo Session Cost?

Package 1


1-hour studio session

15 digital format photos (your selection)

Option to purchase the complete gallery

Package 2


1-hour studio session

All photos as digital files

One 20×30 cm wood print with your favorite picture

Package 3


1-hour studio session

All photos as digital files

A 20x20cm handcrafted and customized album

In-Home Sessions

Home sessions offer a different and special experience, with a 100% documentary approach. If you’d like me to come to your home, I propose spending time together, capturing your most intimate and authentic moments.

Give the Gift of a Family Photo Session

A photo shoot can be a fantastic gift for special occasions:

  • Mother’s Day, Father’s Day… (or Grandma’s Day!)
  • For a baptism, a birthday, or a wedding.
  • To encourage someone at a difficult time in their life.

However, BEFORE you give someone a photo session as a gift, make sure you get it right: Is that person a photography lover? Has he/she had a photo session before? What style of images does he/she like?

A photo shoot is a very personal and customized experience, so before reaching out to me please make sure the person you want to gift it to is as excited about the idea as you are.

Frequently Asked Questions

Everything you always wanted to know and never dared to ask about a family photo shoot. Have lingering questions about your photo shoot? Don’t hesitate to reach out to me!

How can I ensure a successful family photo shoot?

Depending on the age of your baby or children, it’s not always easy for things to go smoothly, and patience becomes our greatest ally. But ultimately, in a family photo session, what we aim for is for you to spend quality time together: to enjoy, play, and talk. It’s common to experience a range of moments, from shyness to unleashed euphoria, or even moments of anger. Children display a torrent of emotions that are truly priceless in pictures. 🙂

What should I do if my children get hungry or sleepy on the day of the session?

When it comes to scheduling a photo shoot for “older” children, hunger or sleepiness usually isn’t a major concern. However, for babies as young as a few months old or toddlers as young as 2 years old, following a regular schedule is important, and hunger or sleepiness can disrupt a relaxed environment. So, when choosing the best time of day for your photo shoot, it’s advisable to avoid meal times and nap times.

Can siblings and parents be included in the photos? What about adults?

Absolutely! Your family is not just the baby alone, nor are siblings on their own. Your family is your unique galaxy, and every member contributes to it, including mom and dad. While we will certainly capture photos of the little ones, there is also room for photos with parents, both with and without children. Moreover, they want to see you in the photos too – and they’ll appreciate seeing you when they look back in the years to come.

Do we have to pose for the photos?

Following my natural and casual style, what’s important to me is not just seeing everyone smiling and looking at the camera, but creating a good atmosphere during the photo shoot. A genuine experience captured in an image conveys much more than a forced smile. That being said, it doesn’t mean there isn’t room for a more formal portrait – but we won’t force anything to achieve it. Even though a baby may not know how to pose, a toddler can follow simple directions. But regardless of age, anyone can be captured in beautiful images. The beauty of photographing children lies precisely in the unpredictable journey from start to finish. Each session is a unique and one-of-a-kind experience, and the result will always be different. As long as you enjoy the experience, it will be worth it..

What should we wear for our family photo shoot? What should we bring?

In my studio, there are four neutral pieces of furniture that we can use for sitting and lounging. You can even jump on the couch for a day! I also have some wooden and fabric toys, as well as books, to encourage play and interaction among family members. My sessions involve minimal direction from me, although I can make suggestions to enhance the emotional aspect of certain moments. As for what to wear, I always recommend bringing a change of clothes just in case, and opting for clothing in discounted or essential colors (white, black, gray, or pastel shades). It’s important to stay true to your style – you don’t need to dress overly formal for a photo shoot. You can read my recommendations on how to dress for your family photo shoot.


Buscava confort, tranquilitat, llum i molta espontaneĂŻtat i l'he trobat.
GrĂ cies Vic
Tercera vez que tengo una sesión con ella y sigue siendo una experiencia maravillosa de principio a fin. totalmente recomendado no me cansaré nunca de decirlo
Hemos hecho dos sesiones de fotos con Victoria y estamos encantados. Aparte de que el trato personal es fantástico (lo cual es importante), se esmera en conseguir fotos bonitas, divertidas y diferentes a las que habitualmente solemos tener. Ha sido un acierto enorme hacer las sesiones con ella!
La Victòria emociona amb la seva manera de fer, la sutilesa amb la que troba el millor instant per captar la fotografia sense que t’adonis que l’està tirant, et fa sentir com a casa al seu estudi, t’orienta a l’hora de triar productes i t’ho explica tot amb molt de detall per a que et sentis acompanyat, et guia durant tot el procés proporcionant informació molt ben estructurada…
El resultat va ser exactament el que buscàvem. Unes fotos de família amb el nostre nadó que són el record més maco que podem tenir per inmortalitzar aquesta època tan màgica que estem vivint.
La Victòria va captar els microgestos que defineixen a la nostra peque: mirades, gestos, rialles, plors…
Un resultat que ha emocionat també a les nostres famílies.
Moltíssimes gràcies per contagiar-nos de la teva passió. Estic segura que ens retrobarem més endavant ❤️

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