Your pregnancy is unique. Your newborn photos should be, too.

Each pregnancy tells a different story: sometimes everything goes smoothly, while other times the journey to nine months feels long and challenging. While it’s a common stereotype that all pregnant women enjoy this stage of their lives, every woman deserves to have a photographic memory of this transformative time. A photo shoot that truly captures your essence and how you’re experiencing this remarkable journey..

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Natural pregnancy photography in Barcelona

Pregnancy photography is often associated with portraying an idyllic and hopeful moment. However, the reality is that pregnancy has both light and shadow, and every woman experiences it differently. If you’re searching for a photographer in Barcelona who can capture the true essence of your pregnancy, I am your girl. During maternity sessions, my aim is to capture authentic, candid, and natural images that showcase your unique self..

Whether you’re enjoying this stage but struggle to recognize yourself in the mirror or it’s your third pregnancy and you feel like you haven’t had the chance to pamper yourself as much as before, capturing your body’s transformation during these nine months is not only a personal memory but also a way for your future children to truly know you. Say goodbye to poses that don’t reflect who you are and cheesy images. Embrace the experience at your own pace—your pregnancy session can be tailored to your preferences and style.

Natural pregnancy photography. In studio or at home.

Maternity Photos in Studio

If you desire an intimate yet light-filled environment to capture this transformative moment, my natural light studio in the heart of Barcelona might be the perfect setting for you. With its open space, light tones, and timeless decor, the focus remains on what truly matters. You can either come alone or with your partner, or with a special person you don’t want to miss capturing in your photos.

Maternity Photos with Children

Let’s be honest: pregnancy photo shoots with kids are a whole different adventure compared to doing them alone or with your partner. The pace is faster, there’s more action and interaction, and the experience becomes chaotic yet filled with precious moments. Depending on your children’s ages and personalities, we can capture intimate and relaxed photos or fun and curious ones.

When to Schedule a Maternity Session

Traditionally, photographers recommend scheduling the maternity session around the sixth or seventh month of gestation. This is when the belly is usually visible, and you still feel agile and mobile. However, every person is different, and pregnancy can be documented until the very last minute. It’s worth noting that during the final weeks of pregnancy, fatigue tends to set in, and summer months may bring increased discomfort and fluid retention.

Ultimately, you have full control over the timing of your session. You can check my online availability and book a date well in advance to ensure a relaxed experience.

Preparing your Session

If you’ve never had a photo shoot before, it’s natural to feel nervous and unsure of what to expect. The good news is that you don’t have to do anything out of the ordinary— simply come with enthusiasm, let loose, and enjoy a good conversation with me.

Capturing a pregnancy requires a deep connection and chemistry between you and the photographer. The more you can share about yourself and your story, the better I can tailor the session to your needs. Whether it’s your first pregnancy or you’ve gone through years of fertility treatments, or even if you’ve experienced a loss and want to commemorate that, providing context and introducing yourself helps shape the session. I will be happy to guide you through the booking process. Details regarding what to bring and how to dress will be discussed well in advance. In essence, you should bring items of sentimental value to you and dress in a way that makes you feel comfortable.

What to Expect During the Session

A photo shoot is an experiential journey, and maternity sessions are no exception. It’s not just about what you wear; it’s about feeling at ease and forgetting about the camera and me for a while Don’t worry—I have a few tricks up my sleeve, including silent shooting, so you won’t even realize when I’m capturing those precious moments 😉

You can come to your pregnancy session:

  • on your own
  • with your partner
  • with your family
  • with your pet

And if you’re feeling bold, we can also take tasteful and artistic nude shots to celebrate the remarkable changes your body goes through during pregnancy. My photography style is candid and authentic, so we can embrace stretch marks, varicose veins, linea alba, or any other skin changes that occur during these transformative months.


After the session, it will take approximately three weeks to receive the final result. You will receive a private online gallery link to enjoy your photos at your leisure. The pregnancy photo pack includes all the digital photos you see in the gallery, which you can download straight away. Additionally, if you wish, we can discuss printing options, including selecting specific images for physical copies or enlargements to display on your wall. When you visit the studio, I can showcase the various finishes available, allowing you to see, touch, and experience them firsthand. If you have any concerns about pricing, please refer to the provided rates below.

How Much does a Maternity Photo Session Cost?

Single pack


1 hour session in studio or at home
(only in Barcelona)

All photos as digital files

Add the newborn session and save

If you also book a newborn session in my studio or a postpartum session at your home in addition to the pregnancy session, you’ll receive a €100 discount on the second session, allowing us to capture the before and after moments.

Give the Gift of a Maternity Photo Session

A photo shoot can be an incredible gift for any pregnant woman.

However, BEFORE you give someone a photo session as a gift, make sure you get it right: Is that person a photography lover? Has he/she had a photo session before? What style of images does he/she like?

A photo shoot is a very personal and customized experience, so before reaching out to me please make sure the person you want to gift it to is as excited about the idea as you are.

Frequently Asked Questions

Everything you always wanted to know and never dared to ask about a maternity photo shoot. Have lingering questions about your photo shoot? Don’t hesitate to reach out to me!

When is the best time to schedule a maternity photo shoot?

Typically, it’s recommended to take photos when the baby bump is prominent, and the mother still feels energetic and mobile. This often falls around the sixth or seventh month of pregnancy. However, I believe you can have your session at any time as long as it feels right for you. The key is to book in advance to avoid rushing.

Is it possible to have the maternity session at home or at a different location?

Included in my rates is the option to have the session either at your home or outdoors, with no additional cost, as long as it is within Barcelona city limits. If you’re considering the pros and cons, keep in mind that outdoor sessions are subject to weather conditions (such as cold or rain), and popular locations can be crowded, requiring careful timing. On the other hand, having the session at your home offers a wonderful sense of intimacy and allows for the portrayal of your personal space, including the future baby’s room, for example.

Can I bring my pet to the session?

Certainly! If the session takes place outdoors or at your home, you are welcome to bring your pet along. However, if you plan to have the photos taken on a beach, please note that some beaches prohibit access to dogs during the summer months. If you choose to come to my studio, there are generally no issues, unless there are specific circumstances.

Can my other children be included in the photos? Can my partner be in the photos?

Absolutely! Your other children and partner are more than welcome to join the session. You can also come with a friend or any special person who holds significance for you and should be part of your pregnancy photos.

Do we have to pose for the photos?

Following my natural and casual style, what’s important to me is not just seeing everyone smiling and looking at the camera, but creating a good atmosphere during the photo shoot. A genuine experience captured in an image conveys much more than a forced smile. However, this doesn’t mean there isn’t room for more formal portraits or artistic photos. Each session is a unique and one-of-a-kind experience, and the result will always be different. As long as you enjoy the experience, it will be worth it..

What should I wear for my maternity photo shoot? What should we bring?

In my studio, there are four neutral pieces of furniture that we can utilize and combine to find the most comfortable postures for you—standing, lying down, sitting, etc. Since I work with natural light, you don’t need to worry about spotlights or backgrounds. My sessions involve minimal direction from me, although I can make suggestions to enhance the emotional aspect of certain moments. As for your wardrobe, I always recommend bringing a change of clothes just in case, and opting for comfortable garments that allow you to showcase your belly. Choose colors that are neutral or essential (such as white, black, gray, or pastel shades), while staying true to your personal style. You can refer to my recommendations on how to dress for your photo shoot for more guidance.


La Victòria és la millor fotògrafa de Barcelona! Ja vaig estar amb ella pocs dies després de néixer el meu fill per fer un shooting amb una marca de roba, i va ser tot molt fàcil, ens va fer sentir molt còmodes i ens vam divertir molt! Ara el meu fill ja té vuit mesos, i una amiga em va regalar una altra sessió de fotos amb ella i el resultat és espectacular de nou! M'encanten totes les fotos! Guardaré sempre el record, moltíssimes gràcies! 🤗
Crec que la sessió de fotos ‘Entre tu i jo’ ès un dels formats més necessaris per les dones, perquè ens permet ser les protagonistes i mostrar qui som/com som. Tot i que no m’agrada gaire fer-me fotos, em vaig sentir molt còmoda durant la sessió; amb quatre indicacions de la Victòria, em vaig relaxar i tot va fluir molt naturalment. Estic molt satisfeta amb el resultat, perquè són fotos atípiques, on la Victòria i el seu ull extremadament sensible i creatiu, ha sabut capturar el que jo buscava: cos, pell, naturalitat, transformació, conexió…
Experiència súper recomanable. Parlo des de la perspectiva d’algú que sol ser qui fa les fotos perque se sent extremadament incòmoda a l’altra banda de la càmara. La Victòria fa que te n’oblidis, que tot transcorri de la manera més natural entre una conversa la mar de distesa… és màgia. Igual que ho és el resultat, i el record tangible d’aquell breu instant de la teva vida… Gràcies infinites
Hemos repetido sesión con Victòria y como siempre ha sido un placer. Es super cómodo hacerse fotos con ella ya que te lo pone super fácil. Y luego el resultado es amor puro!!
100% recomendable!!

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