Baby photography in Barcelona

Your baby doesn’t need any props to shine in the photo.

That moment when you could just eat them up. Literally! When they start sitting up, moving around (sometimes in the funniest ways), or trying to stand while making adorable faces—it’s the perfect time for capturing quick, minimalist, and timeless photos.

baby photographer in barcelona

Natural baby photography

The best time to photograph your baby is when they are crawling or beginning to stand up. At around 6 months, babies begin to gain mobility: they roll, they creep or they scoot on their belly. Within a short period of time they also manage to sit up without support. The next big milestone is crawling (although not all of them do! There are also babies that skip crawling and simply start to walk). In addition to all these skills, is also a time of great interaction: they make faces, smile, laugh, imitate adults and invent a whole arsenal of expressions and faces. From a photographer’s point of view, a world of possibilities opens up because babies are no longer just lying down all the time or 100% dependent on being held by an adult. Instead, they can move at will.

Baby photo sessions for crawlers have many advantages: they are short, they are fun and we are able to take tons of beautiful pictures. My style is minimalist and simple, so that the baby is the real star. Pictures of the baby are taken with very little or no clothing so that you can see their hands, feet and belly: every single part of their body that you feel the urge to eat.

You can’t stop time. But you can gift yourself photos.

Studio baby photos

My natural light studio, located in the heart of Barcelona, is the perfect setting for capturing babies who can already sit on their own or who are starting to move around, either laying flat on their bellies or crawling on hands and knees. The space is neutral with light tones, allowing your baby to shine

Photos of 1 year old babies

The first trip around the sun is a milestone worth celebrating, so why not do it with a photo session? That special time when your little ones start scooting around and many are taking their first independent steps is the perfect excuse for a fun, relaxed photoshoot with no unnecessary frills. You don’t need a cake or a crown to capture the magic, but feel free to bring them if you’d like!

Would You Like to Book a Photo Session for Your Baby?

The first year of life is full of changes, and two of the most significant milestones are when your baby starts sitting up and moving around. Some babies never crawl, but they all eventually walk, and this transition changes their view of the world (and yours as a mom!). The thing about these changes is that there’s no going back. That’s why capturing the moment when they start freely interacting with their surroundings is a way to remember what makes each baby unique. Every baby has their own way of crawling or their own tricks for standing up. What’s normal today will be a distant memory tomorrow; photos freeze these moments in time.

Preparing your Session

This is an opportunity to capture your little one at their best, so any details you can share with me are welcome. Is your baby calm, energetic, active, shy? Is there anything we can do to make them more comfortable? Tell me about their current developmental stage, how they move around, or if there’s something they love doing more than anything else.

We’ll discuss the preparations beforehand, but here’s a heads-up: you’ll need just a diaper cover, a toy or two, and that’s it. What’s most important is the mood you bring: if your baby feels comfortable with you, everything will go smoothly. At this age, a few kisses, some tickles, or a big hug can solve (almost) any problem.

What to Expect During the Session

We’ll make your photo session as relaxed and enjoyable as possible. They say that rushing spoils the fun, and this is especially true with babies. So come in with a calm mindset and ready to enjoy whatever your little one brings to the session. Your active involvement helps everything flow better: we can encourage them to move by offering objects that pique their curiosity, give them loud kisses on their tummy to spark laughter, or mimic the faces they love to make.

A photo session is always an experience, not just the final images. The photos are breadcrumbs of what you’ll experience that day, so relax and enjoy it. Of course, if we need to pause for a diaper change or a feeding break, we’ll do so without any problem.

Receiving Your Photos

Two to three weeks after your session, I’ll send you a link to a private online gallery so you can enjoy it with anyone, anywhere. All my packages include digital photos that you can download instantly, but I also offer printed photos, wood-mounted enlargements, or custom-designed albums. When you visit the studio, I can showcase the various finishes available, allowing you to see, touch, and experience them firsthand. If you have any concerns about pricing, please refer to the provided rates below.


Package 1


45 minutes studio session

15 photos in digital format (you get to choose!)

Option to purchase the complete gallery

Package 2


45 minutes studio session

All photos as digital files

One 20×30 cm wood print with your favorite picture

Package 3


45 minutes studio session

All photos as digital files

A 20x20cm handcrafted and customized album

Give the Gift of a Baby Photo Session

A photo shoot can be a fantastic gift for special occasions:

  • Mother’s Day, Father’s Day… (or Grandma’s Day!)
  • For a baptism, a birthday, or a wedding.
  • To encourage someone at a difficult time in their life.

However, BEFORE you give someone a photo session as a gift, make sure you get it right: Is that person a photography lover? Has he/she had a photo session before? What style of images does he/she like?

A photo shoot is a very personal and customized experience, so before reaching out to me please make sure the person you want to gift it to is as excited about the idea as you are.

Frequently Asked Questions

Everything you always wanted to know and never dared to ask about a baby photo session. Have lingering questions about your photo shoot? Don’t hesitate to reach out to me!

When is the best time to take pictures of a baby who is not yet walking?

This is a tough question, because every baby reaches milestones at a different pace. So basically, your baby may vary. Roughly speaking, photos can be taken between 6 and 12 months of age. Some babies stand up and walk at just ten months, while others start walking at around the two-year mark. So the best time to photograph a baby is when he or she is able to sit up without support. If the baby also creeps or crawls, all the better. But it is best to photograph them before they start walking, since as soon as they stand up they become much faster and more elusive in front of the camera.

What time of day is best for the photo shoot?

A baby that is a few months old will follow a relatively regular schedule, and neither a hungry nor a tired baby is a good idea if you are trying to create a relaxed environment. That’s why it is best to avoid meal time or nap time.

Can the rest of the family be in the photos?

This proposal is 99% focused on the babies, so that they are the real stars and these kind of sessions are a quick experience lasting about half an hour. If you (or the baby’s siblings) also want to be in the pictures, my advice is to hire a family photo session where we will aim at capturing your genuine interaction as a family.

What will the resulting pictures look like?

I really don’t care whether the baby looks at the camera or smiles. It’s all about letting them explore, experiment and enjoy. At this age, everything should go smoothly and in a short time we will manage to have a lot of tender and funny images. For me, an image of a real experience conveys a lot more than a fake smile. A baby doesn’t know how to pose, but they will interact and smile or grimace. Call it natural posing if you like. They also like to play by imitating gestures or sounds, or playing…

How do I dress the baby for the session? What should we bring?

My studio is an open space ideally suited for babies and kids to freely explore. We can use blankets and soft fabrics as backdrops and wooden toys to touch and chew 😉 As for what to wear, I always recommend that you bring an extra outfit just in case, but these sessions are designed to show off your baby’s body in all its glory, so the less clothing, the better. In the studio I have a few culottes in different sizes, and you can also bring your own. I will also gladly take pictures without clothes or diaper.


Buscava confort, tranquilitat, llum i molta espontaneïtat i l'he trobat.
Gràcies Vic
Tercera vez que tengo una sesión con ella y sigue siendo una experiencia maravillosa de principio a fin. totalmente recomendado no me cansaré nunca de decirlo
Hemos hecho dos sesiones de fotos con Victoria y estamos encantados. Aparte de que el trato personal es fantástico (lo cual es importante), se esmera en conseguir fotos bonitas, divertidas y diferentes a las que habitualmente solemos tener. Ha sido un acierto enorme hacer las sesiones con ella!
La Victòria emociona amb la seva manera de fer, la sutilesa amb la que troba el millor instant per captar la fotografia sense que t’adonis que l’està tirant, et fa sentir com a casa al seu estudi, t’orienta a l’hora de triar productes i t’ho explica tot amb molt de detall per a que et sentis acompanyat, et guia durant tot el procés proporcionant informació molt ben estructurada…
El resultat va ser exactament el que buscàvem. Unes fotos de família amb el nostre nadó que són el record més maco que podem tenir per inmortalitzar aquesta època tan màgica que estem vivint.
La Victòria va captar els microgestos que defineixen a la nostra peque: mirades, gestos, rialles, plors…
Un resultat que ha emocionat també a les nostres famílies.
Moltíssimes gràcies per contagiar-nos de la teva passió. Estic segura que ens retrobarem més endavant ❤️

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Victòria Peñafiel Photography

Carrer de Sicília, 253, 6è, 2n,
08025 Barcelona

Want to book a session with me?

Tell me what resonates with you, what you would like to capture from your journey through motherhood. I’m not aiming at taking pictures that look like a “postcard” version of you – I want to portray you as you are

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